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Our product suppliers, service providers, staff and crew have played an important role in the 52 years that the Whitehead Family and Austour have been serving the Australian Tourist Industry.

One million clients, thousands of coach captains, tour guides, language assistants, and cooks have been part of the great journey through the Outback Adventure market.

Indigenous colleagues around Australia have become close friends and past staff continue to keep in touch.

Austour endeavours at all times to provide a friendly and informative service to all its clients, we thrive on challenges and some of our most noted achievements come to mind.

  • 700 students, 21 coaches, 21 drivers, 21 cooks on one group tour pct movement
  • The first coach to travel across the centre of Australia from the continents most easterly point to the most westerly, including the Gunbarrel Highway
  • We invented the pyramid tent
  • We were the first company to introduce cooks on safari tours
  • We opened up the Canning Stock Route for tag along convoys
  • We pioneered the educational tour market with Indigenous content from 1964
  • Our suppliers come from all walks of life and from all around Australia
  • We must have contributed greatly to the Australian economy over this 52 year period

We take this opportunity of thanking everyone who has participated in travel arrangements with Austour.


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