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About Us

Our family pictured above Max, Sue, Stephen and Jacquie are shareholders and directors of the Austour group of companies and combined have 135 years of industry experience.

For us it is about creating exciting and value for money educational experiences for students and adults from Australia and around the world sharing our story and leaving a lasting impression that will enhance knowledge and understanding of a broad range of subjects.

Austour is an Australian company, family owned with 3 generations of companies that pioneered outback educational tours that visited Indigenous communities and developed meaningful and long term associations and friendships.

We are regarded as pioneers in the Outback Adventure industry with no challenge too big for us or too small, if it’s our personalised attention and experience you require it is there waiting for your call.

Our Partners in Business


Earth Sanctuary World Nature Centre is an award-winning ‘sustainable living environment’.

The display centre integrates six categories to help visitors become more sustainable—energy, water, food, utilities, shelter and wellbeing. From solar and wind farms to geodesic domes, you will learn how all these elements have been actioned at the sanctuary and will leave with the skills to develop your own sustainable   living practices when you get home.

The Alice Springs Desert Park is a government-owned, purpose-built facility that brings the Central Australian desert to life.

You will gain an understanding that the country around them is ancient, alive, exciting and dynamic. They’ll learn about the connection between desert plants, people, landscapes and culture.  The Desert Park offers guided and self-guided tour programs in the areas of biology, ecology, flora and fauna and history— all specific to Central Australia.

Maruku @Uluru you can join a hands-on workshop with traditional Aboriginal artists and create their own artwork. They’ll join an information session about the culture of the desert and the meaning of some of the icons of the region, the animals, the landscape and a background to the stories of Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

At Maruku, sharing our stories and ultima win passing on traditional methods of painting plays an important part in the sustainability of Aboriginal culture.

Uluru Aboriginal Tours We invite you to walk along the base, feel the awe and step into the shadows of a library older than time itself.  Uluru Aboriginal Tours is 100% owned and jointly managed with the local Indigenous community of Mutitjulu, providing not just employment and financial support to the community but also a way of teaching culture, country and people.

The Aboriginal people of this area, the Anangu, have spiritual connection to this area and are the guardians of Uluru.

SEIT Outback Australia in partnership with the Anangu custodians of the Aboriginal Lands invite you to participate in a rare and empowering opportunity to immerse yourselves in a culture older than time to experience and understand traditional Aboriginal people.  SEIT provide the opportunity for Austour clients to visit Cave Hill. You will travel deep into the remote and rarely visited Pitjantjatjara Aboriginal Lands for an unparalleled cultural experience. Cave Hill tells the story of the Seven Sisters Dreaming and is also described as one of the most spectacular art sites in Central Australia.

  Damien hgc for sale and Uncle Arthur have worked for Austour for over 15 years providing cultural experiences in their homelands and in their Alice Springs accommodation venues.  Damien has developed from being a quiet, shy lad to confident and outgoing informative guide regarded as Alice Springs leading Indigenous Guide.  He also works part time at the Alice Springs Desert Park.  Uncle Arthur is significant Alice Springs Elder who liases with government and he is also on the Board of many Indigenous corporations.  Their services to clients  include cultural discussions, tracking, bush tucker, sampling kangaroo tail, Welcome to Alice Springs Meet and Greet service and are personal friends of the Whitehead family.

 I am Mavis Malbunka. My husband was the Traditional Owner of this land. This place is Tnorala. I will be talking about Tnorala. It’s OK for me to be talking about this place because I’m their storyteller.

Mavis’ father Gus Williams first met Sue in 1961 and Max in 1963 this began a life long friendship.  Max asked Gus before he died if he could talk about him, he said he was brought up in two cultures, aboriginal and   a white man’s world.   You can certainly talk about me, only one condition, you only talk about the good things,  a wonderful man and one of the greatest aboriginal elders in Australia.

A tour with Tess Atie as your guide offers unrivalled personal access to and discussion about indigenous culture in the stunning natural landscapes near Darwin. You can learn from Tess about the real story of the area with its connections that go back a thousand generations.

Exclusive visitors to her family’s private land at beautiful Woolaning Spring. Guests sample freshly cooked local game meats—wild caught barramundi, crocodile and kangaroo – a Tess special.

Tess has a gorgeous personality, she provides from the heart an interesting, informative and enjoyable commentary as you travel through her homelands and beyond.


Offroad Dreaming with Neville as your guide learn about flora and fauna, sustainability of the land and Indigenous culture in the Top End.  Your experiences can include wetlands, crocodiles, geology, history or a collection of focus areas.

Nifty as he is known will provide you with the skills, knowledge and understanding of the environment, history and culture of this magnificent and unique part of Australia




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